Private Teaching

What is 'private teaching' and how is it different to tutoring?

That's a fair question.  Essentially it comes down to the amount of support and expertise on offer.  Many tutors, while very educated themselves, are not professionally trained teachers.  Some are taking advanced degrees in closely related subjects; others might simply have earned high GCSE or A. Level grades quite a while ago. Again, it's not that these people don't know their stuff but they are not teachers.


The recent pandemic has shown a lot of people that being knowledgeable and teaching are two very different skill sets.  At Ignite Education, we do not just tutor your child, we teach them.  Our lessons are all planned by professionals in the same way that they would plan for a class of 30 children, with mediated explanations and differentiated approaches to the independent study.  The different is that we are only teaching your child.  They get 100% of the attention.  This means that, if something needs a little more explanation, or even a completely different approach, they will get it.  


Recent examples include:

  • Teaching long division using lightsaber duels
  • Teaching report writing through murder-mystery novels
  • Exploring fractions with a Minecraft theme
  • Jumping while calculating (it works!)


When it's just your child, there is no-one else to risk disturbing.  When it's just your child, there is no stopping to let others catch up.  When it's just your child, learning can come to life.  Contact us to book a session today and you'll see what we mean!

Some people work better together...

This is true.  Sometimes it is very helpful to have someone else to bounce ideas around with.  We recognised this a while back and noticed that many tutoring companies offer exclusively individual tutoring, with some offering to double the children at double the cost.  That didn't seem fair to us, which is why we offer a discount for any extra children attending the session.   


This works best if the children are in the same year group (or are at the same ability level) but if you had a situation in mind, contact us and we can work something out.  While group sessions can never be as attentive as individual sessions, they are not without their benefits.  


Group session slots are limited so contact us today to register your interest.

I just need a tutor...

Some of you will just want a little bit of extra help, or a focussed, weekly session of revision or preparation for an exam or test.  That's fine, we can definitely do that too.  We recommend that these sessions are run in tandem with parental input and would suggest that at least 10 minutes of each session are used for conferencing and ensuring little tweaks here and there are being used successfully.  It is surprising how 1% increases can build over time.  Again, every child is different and every situation is unique so it is best to contact us to discuss the best way forwards. 

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