Our Team

Carl Headley-Morris 

Mini Biog

Carl owns and runs Ignite Education. Carl knew he wanted to be a teacher from the age of seven. He has a BA in English Studies with Creative Writing, a PGCE in Primary Education, and an MA in Education (Assessment) from UCL. He enjoys reading the latest children's literature and one of his all-time favourite books is Mercedez Ice. 


Job Description

Carl writes and publishes exam assessment books alongside his tutoring business. He has worked as an educational consultant in Edutech start-ups, designing curricula and ensuring age specific learning objectives are met. Carl designs all of his students' sessions and strives to improve the experience of learning through dynamic adaptation with the child's needs in mind.  


Full Biography 

Carl's teaching life began when he was just 16, volunteering in between his school work and on Saturdays.  While at university, he was involved in an early pilot for a national mentoring scheme and continued to teach, volunteer and run various child-education schemes (including one that taught underprivileged children how to swim!) until he graduated.


He was offered his first teaching job before he had even officially completed his PGCE and has been in high demand ever since.  He was head-hunted from his first full-time position to work in a school that had been placed in Special Measures by Ofsted.  Just nineteen months later, the school was rated as Outstanding and Carl was asked to repeat the journey in another school... and another...  During this time he also worked at, and wrote the curriculum for, a Charity-run Saturday school for underprivileged, inner-city children.


While he enjoyed classroom teaching, Carl was made all too aware of the impact of large class sizes and shrinking budgets on individual children, and the limitations of the Education system with its results-driven, teach-to-the-middle mentality.  This has led him to create Ignite Education, a space where he can teach the way he knows works; where children feel safe and genuinely want to learn; where education is successful, progressive and, most of all, fun.


Carl writes an education blog, if you're interested in reading more check it out with the below link.